Hi friends!
Today I have for you an easy scarf pattern  to combat this chilly weather. This scarf uses two skeins of chunky weight yarn from Delicious Yarns! I chose the colorway 511 Sugar Mix 1 and I have to tell you; this yarn is life! I can't even describe how soft it is!
This is going to be my go-to scarf for the chilly weather we have been having lately! It’s a super easy project as it’s all done with half double crochet stiches, featuring  tipped edges AND it’s my fave – a nice grey with splashes of pink and orange that goes with anything. This tipped scarf is crocheted in superwash merino, making it super duper soft and washable! It’s one of the comfiest scarves I’ve ever worn so I hope you enjoy it!
US Size L/11 8.0 mm Crochet Hook
2 Skeins Delicious Yarns Two Sweets Chunky Yarn in 511 Sugar Mix 1 (100 grams/skein)

Approximately 70” (178 cm) long and 5“ (13 cm) wide

Skill Level

Not important for this pattern

Skills & Abbreviations
ch- chain
st – stitch
hdc – half double crochet
hdc2tog – half double crochet 2 stitches together

Ch 1 at beginning of Row does not count as stitch

Chain 3
Row 1: hdc in the second ch from the hook and HDC across (2). Turn.
Row 2: ch 1, 2 hdc in first st, hdc across (3). Turn.
Row 3: ch 1, hdc across (3). Turn.
Row 4:ch 1, 2 hdc in first st, hdc across (4). Turn.
Row 5: ch 1, hdc across (4). Turn.
Rows 6-24: Repeat Row 4 and Row 5 . Row 24 will have 13 sts across.
Rows 25- 112: ch 1, hdc across (13). Turn.
Row 113:ch 1, hdc2tog, hdc across (12). Turn.
Row 114: ch 1, HDC across (12). Turn.
Rows 115-137: Repeat Row 113 and Row 114. Row 137 will end with 3 sts across.
Fasten off and weave in all ends.
This is such a fun little scarf and I hope that you enjoy it and make it your own! If you decide to make yours please do share a pic with me using #littlethingsblogged or tag me @ltblogged; I'd love to see your progress and your finished item!


  1. thanks for sharing. not too wide just right:)


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