When the lovely girls from Stitch and Story contacted me regarding their new Sophie la girafe knitting kits I was really excited!
I mean who doesn't  know Sophie la girafe? The hat was really fun to make and I already know who its new recipient is! 
The kit comes in this lovely packaged box and literally contains everything you need to make the hat! It even includes the knitting needles so it would be a perfect gift for a mum to be!
The hat is made using 100% merino wool, making it really soft and squishy! The hat can be knitted in  three sizes, I chose the largest as my baby recipient is about 12 months old, and I wanted her to have it throughout winter!
The instructions are very clear making this kit suitable for beginners as well or even for a mum to be who wants to learn a new hobby during her pregnancy!
If you're looking for a lovely baby shower gift then I definitely recommend you check the Sophie la girafe kits out! I'm pretty sure you will find something that suits your taste and style, as the series also includes lovely booties with  two options to choose from: mini mitts or a bow headband!

And now the fun part! You can get your kit 15% off using code 'LITTLETHINGS 15' (valid until 9/24/2017)! Go grab yourself a lovely kit and start making!
Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. This kit is so cute! the hat would make an adorable baby shower gift. I did not know of the Sophie La Girafe knitting kits! I love the way it is packaged and how everything you need is included.