I'm so happy to introduce you to Claire, the talented lady behind Autumn and Indigo! Apart from being an avid knitter and crocheter (you should definitely check out her designs), Claire has recently taken up ( or actually restarted) a new venture, hand dyed yarn!
Today she is here sharing everything there is about yarn, with you guys. If you aren't already following Claire on Instagram and Facebook, you definitely should! Take it away Claire...
Let’s talk about yarn! 
There’s an entire world of yarn out there, different weights, different bases, different fibers. What’s it all mean? 
Trust me, I’m all too familiar with going to yarn store and grabbing the ones I know best. Usually the big ol’ bulky ones, because they work up quickly, and it’s what I’m familiar with. We ogle over different fibers, and weights, but we never grab them for that final purchase, because sometimes stepping outside that comfort zone is a little intimidating, right!?

Let’s start with the basics – yarn weights.
Lace, sock, sport, dk, worsted, aran, bulky, super bulky. That’s a lot! I’ll break it down easy for you so you can get a better grasp.
Lace is great for super lightweight and intricate items. While this is not popular in the world of fiber that I live in, the results are AMAZING. It works up some beautiful detail and is great for a slow working knit.
Sock / Fingering – one of my newly found personal favorites. No, it’s not just for socks! Fingering weight yarn is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of products with various sized needles. You can use itty-bitty gauged needles for socks and tighter knit projects, or you can bump up that needle/hook size for a lighter, airier feel. This is great for shawls, sweaters, scarves, you name it. While the projects may take a little bit longer to work up, the results are so worth the wait. Trust me on this! While I don’t know the best way to describe it, a shawl worked up in sock yarn on say, a US 4 needle creates an airy comforting weight that isn’t suffocating. The best part? You can make an entire shawl out of ONE skein (usually 400+ yards). Yes, ONE!

Sport and DK kind of go hand in hand. They’re great for hats, mittens, scarves and shawls.
Worsted is always a go to, and is perfect for pretty much everything. Blankets, accessories, etc. It offers a slightly heavier weight and works up fairly quickly, still leaving detail in the work.

Bulky and super bulky are amazing for quick projects and cold weather. You can churn out gifts galore in no time flat, and who’s to judge when you procrastinate working on that Christmas gift list for the family.  At least they’ll get done, right?
After being sworn to my favorite Lion Brand Thick and Quick for nearly 7 years, I finally gave lighter weight fibers a try, and I’m so thankful I did. 
When it comes to my personal favorites in economy yarn, I live by Lion Brand. They have a great range in colors and fibers. Anything from their Wool-Ease line is perfection and is great for beginners or someone on a budget. Thick and Quick, Chunky, and Wool Ease for worsted. 
Patons also has a great worsted wool (most of my hats are made from it) called Patons Classic Wool. It’s a bit sturdier and gives great stitch definition compared to the soft and fluffy LB Wool Ease. When it comes to premium yarns and wanting something extra special, Malabrigo, Madeline Tosh, We Are Knitters, and Wool and the Gang are some of my favorites. Yes, they’re a bit pricier, but you get what you pay for. There’s a drastic difference in the quality and the way the fibers work up, and as soon as you get your hands on them, you can instantly tell the difference. 
From acrylic to superwash wool (it’s machine washable!!!), lace to super bulky, commercial made, independent, and hand-dyed. Next time you go to the yarn store, or buy online from a small business/maker, pick up something new and give it a try! 
Thank you so much for sharing all the yarny details with us Claire!
Make sure you follow Claire on Instagram and Facebook, to see more of her fantastic work! You can also visit her yarn shop to buy yourself a little treat! I know I will! :)
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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