I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday filled with lots of eating , quality time with friends and family and some knitting or crochet perhaps!
Today I wanted to share what I have been working on! It's actually a pattern I am making for myself 
(yay) and I cannot wait to finish it! I am knitting the Ribbons Cardigan designed by Emma Welford for Sweet Georgia Yarns! When  I saw the cardigan I immediately fell in love with it and knew I wanted to knit it for myself!

The pattern is pretty straightforward to follow and it is knit in almost one piece, the sleeves are worked separately, later joined to the body and then the upper part is also knit as one piece!
I really love the eyelet part at the bottom of the cardigan; I think it really adds something to the whole piece!
I am making mine in one color entirely (grey it is!), to match my personal style! The yarn I am using is Alize Cotton Solids in Light Grey (200) and it is really fun and easy to work with!
This last picture is of my cat Airi; he is constantly following me around and of course helping in my knitting as well!
I can't wait to finish this project. I will be back with photos of the finished cardigan soon!
What are you currently working on?


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