Breaking a long blog absence is always awkward! I will say that it is my intention to start blogging regularly again and I think that a small photo and list  post will bring you all up to date!

So here goes!
  • I made this bright crochet blanket for an upcoming commission! Expect to seem ore of it soon!
  • I am currently working on a new knit garment in a lovely burgundy woolly yarn!
  • My project bag follows me everywhere! A little bit of knitting here and there does always seem appropriate!
  • I am curently working with some lovely colored yarn! I can't wait to show you more!
  • ALWAYS do what you love! Get the scarf pattern here!
  • My newest triangle scarf pattern in now available!
  • Yes to fresh spring colors in airy designs! I will be sharing more details of this project soon!
Have a lovely week! Are you in the mood for spring yet?

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