I have always been a fan of all the accessories and notions related to knitting and crochet! I have far too many stitch markers, pins, tapestry needles, and to be honest I am pretty sure I could buy more! When I got this  Della Q needle case in my hands a few days ago, I was literally blown away!
I cannot even describe my joy when I opened my needle case! It's a huge foldable case, which has pockets for both straight and circular needles as well as for crochet hooks! I even placed my Tunisian crochet hooks inside! The case also includes knitting and crochet labels that can be sewed it in place for customization!
The Lily Combo Needle Case has also got a zipper pocket for any kind of small notions (like pins, or stitch markers) and nine pockets for circular knitting needles and smaller items like crochet hooks or even scissors!
I really like the versatility of this needle case; everything is neatly organized and what's more I can literally take it everywhere with me (really important as I always take some Knitting and/or crochet with me)! If you're wondering about the colors of my needle case it's Seafoam, but it literally comes in a variety of colors!

If you want to see the whole collection please visit the Della Q website to find your own favorite needle case (honestly the choice will be really difficult)! If you still need help choosing your case then you might want to check this video where Della explains everything in detail!

 Do you take your needles and hooks with you when travelling? What new projects are you working on this season?

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  1. I have fond memories of this brand. It was my first knitting bag and needle case. I love how they create employment and business for the village women.