Happy Friday everyone!
April is stitch awareness month and the lovely people at Craft Yarn Council are running the Lemon Drop initiative for the second year in a row to support the cause.
Their campaign is all about knitting or crocheting a free lemon squeeze ball pattern. The pattern for the lemon stress ball was designed by Twinkie Chan.  You can download the free crochet pattern here and the knitted pattern hereShe also has created a lovely video on Creative Bug to show you how to make the crochet lemon (just sign up for a two week free trial)!
Want to get involved?
Stitch the lemon, tag it with some words of encouragement, drop it for someone to find (or make it for yourself) and share it by using #stitchawaystress and #CYClemondrop.

You can also follow Craft Yarn Council on Instagram & Facebook to keep up with more updates and news!

I hope everything is good in your part of the world. Take a minute to sit back, relax, and work on your latest projects this weekend!
Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. This is such a great little pattern! Tiny crocheted lemons have shot right up to the top of my to do list! Thinking of making them with thread so they are extra small and wearing them as earrings...

    Thank you for sharing! :) xxxx

  2. I can't believe the connection this makes for me as I am studying for my community certificate and doing a presentation on relaxation! Now I feel like I simply have to make twenty lemons to pass out!

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