Flat lay photography is on of my favorite ways to photograph! It's the way I take most of my photos for the blog and my Instagram; it's a classic, simple and elegant way to show off my favorite objects and current addictions/ makings/bakings and so on in a pretty way. So here are my few tips for great lay flat photography.

1. Backround
Definitely the most important aspect of flat lay photography. If it's too bare/empty it can be quite contrasting against your subject  but if it's too crowded it can be totally distracting and your subject might disappear. Personally I like to work with different textures, like wooden floorboards (either white or natural, or even darker ones ) which I find work amazingly well!

2. Arrangement
Flat lays might look rather simple, but there is a lot of work that goes into them. It's not that you just throw your subject on the ground and hope it will look good. Styling plays an important role and for me it's always been my favorite part of taking a photo. My five photography set up questions I always ask myself include:
Is there enough space between the subjects?
Does it look messy?
Do the colors mix up well?
Is my subject arranged straight?
Do the props work?

3. Natutal Light
Shoot your photos in an area that has great natural light. Indirect light shining through a window is ideal.

4. Angle
If you’re shooting with a phone, select to shoot in square. If you’re shooting with your camera, you might need to crop the to fit into a square or your preferred size . Also shoot from above, keep in mind though that  if you go too far from the bottom it can make things appear a lot bigger and by doing the exact opposite your subject might be hard to be seen.

5. Experiment
Experiment and have fun. After all that's the beauty of photography; it’s a fantastic way to explore your creative side!

Have you any flat lay photography tips? I'd love to hear! 
Enjoy the rest of your day!