When I first started taking photos for my blog, I  didn't know much about my camera or photo editing or anything related and it took a lot of reading and practice to figure out how to get my photos to look exactly like I wanted them! These couple of weeks I've had a lot of people ask me how I get my photos to look the way they do, so I thought I would share the 5 +1 things I always do to my photos and recommend you try out too!

1. Exposure
This is the most important part of the photo! To avoid dark and underexposed photos I increase the exposure, so that it is well-lit, but not too much or it will completely wash out my subject. I also always take my photos in natural light, before or close to a window, but on most fall days when the weather is cloudy and overcast the exposure tool will definitely get the work done!

2. Contrast
Next I always play around with contrast. This is what helps make my photos pop and makes the objects in my photos really stand out. It actually makes the black blacker and generally boosts the photo!

3. Saturation
I always make sure to add a bit of saturation so the colors pop and match how they look in real life. Again - not too much, not too little!
4. Shadows/Highlights Tool
I like playing around with these, to give my photos that soft, airy look. I increase or decrease each one to adjust the general contrast of the photo!

5. Sharpen
The final thing I always do to my photos is to sharpen them up a bit. Sometimes, certain parts of a photo can look a bit fuzzy and blurred out. So I just use the sharpen tool to increase the definition and make all of my edges look a bit crisper and clearer.

+1 Resize
Once, brightened, and color-corrected , I go ahead and save my photo. When uploading my photo to blog I always resize it. Whatever size you scale down to is entirely up to you and the dimensions dictated by your website or blog.

What do you always do to your blog photos? I'd love to hear!


  1. Hi! Thank you for the tips! I only put a lot of contrast, but the shadow-thing could be very useful too: thank you very much!!


  2. One more tip - shoot with flash in the sunlight, the camera helps to cope with the unexpected natural light that comes in is not the most favorable location in relation to the subject. And use only professional soft https://macphun.com/intensify for editing your photos.