I think I've mentioned it before, but Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms - not just for sharing my blog content, but also as a fun creative outlet and a way to connect with friends and readers. I have decided to share some tips and tricks on using Instagram and achieve the most of it!

1. Use good lighting.
I do not like dark, grainy photos; I always try to use a white background to lay out my theme and take the picture in front of a window using natural daylight (without flash)! If the weather conditions are not the best there is always the help of brightness and contrast feature of various apps (Instagram has it too, but I like using VscoCam).  When I edit a photo, I boost the brightness just a little bit and then I boost the contrast a bit more (or a lot more, depending on the photo). That's the basic route I follow! I also take a bunch of photos (because I'm a crazy perfectionist) and always try to have at least 5 to choose from! 

2. Post regularly.
If you want to get found keep the photos coming. Try  to post at least one picture a day, as people following your feed will want to see new photos; so continue posting! I try to share at least one photo a day!

3. Use hashtags.
Hashtags are awesome!  I love using them and definitely they are one of the best ways to drive more likes to your posts and more followers to your feed. So personally I always use a couple to accompany each photo!
Keep in mind that over using is not the best idea. I think that specific and relevant hashtags work best. For example the hashtag  #love is very common so it is a bit difficult for a photo to stand out. Try to use your own hashtag (I always add #littlethingsblogged to my photos) or content related at least!

And a last bonus tip! Be yourself and be creative! Just have fun. Post what you'd like to post, say what you'd like to say, and do what you want to do!  It's supposed to be fun! 

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Are you also on Instagram?
You can follow me on Instagram @ltblogged.
Wishing everyone a nice and creative weekend!


  1. I enjoyed these tips! They are great and I have to say I really like your photos on Instagram.
    I have to say that just like you I always edit my photos. Sometimes I even spend too much time on editing. But oh well.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing :)

    blog | blogger and youtuber community

  2. I love using Instagram but I definitely need to post more photos!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Only succumbed a couple of months ago - nice tips. I try to limit to 5,6 hashtags; i think some users tend to use too much. If the #part is almost as big as the image, I just scroll past. It looks a bit desperate, covering all possible hits ?😂
    Good tip for lighter photos.

  4. I loved these tips! I'm definitely guilty of over hashtagging, I need to follow the less is more mentality!


  5. Thanks for the tips! So helpful :) Do you use your phone or a camera for the pictures?


  6. Great tips. Personally when editing I love using 2 instagram edits twice . So i'd save the first edit and then edit over it to get a great pic or even edit it on Pic Monkey if I want to add writing or a different picture to make a collage . x

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