When I first heard the story behind Mountain Meadow Wool, I was really excited for the opportunity to work with a such a lovely merino yarn! 

First off, for those of you who don't know anything about Mountain Meadow Wool and or their yarns, they are a company based in Wyoming, US. The yarn that I was lucky enough to receive is Sheridan, which is a worsted weight 3-ply of 100% mountain merino wool. When I first pulled the yarn out of the box I was immediately impressed with how light, lofty, and oh-so-squishy the skeins were. The yarn itself is beautiful and balanced as it also is haddyed, and running a strand through my fingers the yarn is wonderfully soft and smooth!

The company has quite a large selection of yarns to choose from; I chose the the colors Pansy and Fern! The tag suggests using a 5.5mm (US 9) needle but I ended up using a 6mm (US 10) for my project!
I came across the Capucine Hat on Ravelry, a knit earflap hat. I really liked its simple and clean design, which I thought would depict the real softness of the yarn while keeping my cozy at the same time!
The hat works up really quickly and is also suitable for beginners in knitting! 
I changed the pattern a bit and worked the whole body of the hat in garter stitch as I really like the specific effect of the garter stitch! 
Also, the yarn turned out to be the ideal  for the hat as its handdyed nature adds a bit of that extra something to the outcome! One skein turned out be enough to make the whole hat!

If you haven't I recommend you grab yourself of the squishy yarn to try out! You'll be really impressed by its softness!

How did you spent your weekend? Did you work on anything exciting?
Wishing a great and happy new week!

Disclaimer ::
I received a sample to review from the maker free of charge. This review is my honest opinion. I did not accept any payment for this review nor did I agree in advance to publish a positive review.

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