Review: Knit Pro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks

Happy Tuesday friends! 
I recently got the opportunity to review the Knit Pro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks!
When I opened the package containing the hooks I was amazed by the bright color explosion; the pink zippered carry around folder really caught my eye!
The folder contains 9 crochet color coded hooks in the following sizes: 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 and 6.00mm. I find that these sizes are used the most, either when making amigurumi, or crochet accessories,  although my favorite hook size is definitely 4mm (I find that most items can be made using this hook size)!
Now regarding the hooks, they are comfort grip hooks with a short aluminium shaft and hook head. The bright colored grip is soft and flat on top and bottom to provide an ergonomic and comfortable experience, especially when crocheting for longer time periods. Also the grip allows the hook not to slip off your hand at any time!
The aluminium hook glides easily through your work, while the pointed tip easily gets in and out of stitches! The hook size is printed in Metric sizes in black on the handle, although I prefer using color codes to identify each hook size!
What I liked most compared to a standard aluminium hook, is that the hook is truly comfortable in the hand when working and as a I am a tight crocheter I found that as the head is moderately pointed, crocheting in tight stitches becomes really easy. 
So in order to sum up the pros of the Knit Pro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks are: they are truly easy and comfortable to use, plus you could take the organized folder anywhere you go, as it fits in any bag! Also the set is really affordable!
The cons are: I'd prefer the sizes to be printed in both U.S and Metric sizes, as it might be more convenient for beginner's or those who have not fully gotten the hang of the metric system!
The verdict: I LOVE my Knit Pro Waves Hook set and have been using it a lot lately. It feels so comfortable whenever I’m working on my projects. I think they are worth giving a try, especially if you're looking for a step up from the standard aluminium hook!
Enjoy the rest of your day!
Disclaimer: I received a sample to review from the maker free of charge. This review is my honest opinion. I did not accept any payment for this review nor did I agree in advance to publish a positive review


  1. Thank you Tanya for this interesting post, they seems very confortable and nice! I'm a great fun of metric system even when we are talking about crochet, so the fact that the sizes are printed only in Metric is a pro too!

    1. Thanks Tämä! I definitely agree with you! It would just make them perfect if they included the U.S. size as well!:)

  2. I got this set from Santa and I love it too. I can't find any better, so I'm sure that pretty colorful hooks will stay with me for a long long crochet time :)
    Thanks for review !

    1. Thanks Julia! The colors are pretty fabulous, I agree with you on that!:)

  3. These look awesome!
    I do wonder though, seeing as I've never used hooks with grips on them, if they are hard to get used to. What are your thoughts on the matter?

    1. Hey Kristin!

      You will get used to them in no time! I definitely recommend changing to hooks with a soft grip! At first it might have a bit of an odd feeling on your hands (especially if you've been crocheting with standard aluminium hooks) but once you crochet a few rows you'll notice how fun and easy these are to use combined with the relaxed hands, fingers and wrists!

  4. This is really a very nice set!! i also used them and love it <3
    Have fun with it :)

  5. These look amazing. I have one Clover amour hook but definitely agree that the ones with handles are so much nicer to use. I have some cheap aluminium ones I got from eBay which are nice, but uncomfortable when crocheting for a while!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  6. My favorite crochet needles for several months. How do I years of those "normal" could crochet hooks hooks ?!
    I can not do without the knitpro! I love it!
    Greets Sofie, from Belgium

  7. Thanks for this review. They look nice with these colors.
    Maybe I am going to try these hooks and I'll compare them with my favorite hooks. (Clover Amour)

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  8. Sorry if I look like to submit 2 times, I didn't click the notify me button before. So here I am submit the same again as I delete my comment before.
    Hi, thank you for the review. I am curious, what is the feeling compared with clover amour? I don't know which one is nicer as I couldn't get to buy knit pro crochet hook in one piece and it is expensive to buy a set of it. thank you

    1. Hi there,

      I am so sorry for the late reply!
      The feeling is actually quite similar! The only difference is that these have a flater grip compatred to clover's hooks which have a rounded grip! So it's basically the same!
      I like them both, they are really comfortable and easy to work with!

      Hope this helps!