The Yarn Over List- Just Fruit

Pineapple Sweater / / I love the color of this beautiful pineapple sweater from Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013!
Fruity Potholders / / These fun and bright fruity potholders are super adorable!
Hexagons / / I think I'm in love with hexagons lately!
DIY / / I am in love with this citrus mini purse!
Eat / / I am definitely going to try these fruity popsicles!
Illustration / / Watermelons!

Happy Monday to you! Here's to a great start to the new week! I absolutely adore these vibrant fresh and fruit finds! I am definitely going to make the fruity trivets I spotted on The Purl Bee! I am thinking of using extra vibrant colors; I must take aa walk to my local yarn shop to get some new and fresh yarn colors!

My mind and notebook are currently filled with ideas and I really can't wait to start working on them!:) During the weekend I had the best time since I finally got some time to work on some new projects and patterns I will be sharing this week on the blog! The only thing I can tell you right now is that they are super cute and very colorful!:)

What did you do this the weekend? Did you work on anything exciting?
Wishing you a happy new week!

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