The Yarn Over List - Black & White

Knitting / / This amazing cardigan by Wool & The Gang is simply gorgeous!
Hexagon Rug / / I love this black hexagon cotton rug via Shelter 7!
Pot Holders / /  How cool are these modern and stylish pot holders?!
DIY / / Make your own day bouquet!
Eat / / These frozen popsicles are exactly what I need!
Illustration / / Ampersand Print.

Happy Monday to all! This Yarn Over List is a little belated as today is a holiday here in Greece and I took the opportunity to relax a bit and take the morning off!:)

This weekend I decided to work on my mood blanket which unfortunately has been left behind! But I really like how it is turning out! Also I have started working on a new crochet pattern which involves working with some bright colored yarns and I will share it here for free on the blog pretty soon!:) 

I would also like to thank you for all your sweet comments on my latest interview in my "Untangling Yarn With..." series; I am so happy you enjoyed Jenn's answers and bright photos!:)

How was your weekend? Did you work on any new projects?


  1. Very lovely things black and white !! Have a good afternoon !

  2. Tanya, I'm loving the list! Black and closet is filled with it. I also have knit and crocheted many a baby blanket using those colors.

    I'm so envious of you living in beautiful Greece, my fathers homeland! Every summer I remember our unforgettable trip there a few years ago, visiting my Yia Yia and Papous villages.


    1. Thank you Sheila! I hadn't realized you were half Greek!
      Where from?
      Happy weekend!:)