Untangling Yarn with Magda De Lange from Pigtails

Get ready to tour another inspirational crochet blogger! The lovely and talented Magda De Lange, from the blog Pigtails, is sharing her yarn stash and a few peeks at some of her current projects. I just love the colors shes uses! Ok, take it away Magda!

Hello Magda and welcome! When did you first learn to crochet?
I was 10 years old when I learned to crochet. I was taught the basics of the craft by a wonderfully interesting character who assumed the role of my maternal grandmother. She owned a farm with her husband and we visited frequently during our school holidays. During the day she dressed like a man, acted like a man and worked the farm like a man. She had piercing blue eyes and wore her shock of fiery red hair very short - like a man. At night, after dinner and a bath, she dressed in a flimsy negligee, gently picked up her steel crochet hook and crocheted the most delicate of shawls, table cloths and doilies. I was simply mesmerised by character and craft alike. I made a sizable 150cm x 150cm giant granny blanket and sold crochet covered coat hangers to supplement my pocket money after I mastered the Double Crochet stitch. I think I was more interested in reading though and retired from crocheting by the age of 11. 
What is it that you love most about crochet?
I am fascinated by the human condition - the social, historical, cultural, political, economical, personal, local and global lives and stories of people as told in their own voices, seen through their own eyes, created with their own hands. Crocheting narratives are representations of personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions.These living stories are poignant, never boring and often vivid in imagery, expressing powerful messages of inspiration, optimism and hope. Learning about others through a shared interest is what I love most about crochet. The below photo by Majid Saaedi is a poignant example of this. (Afghan women attending a workshop by a Malaysian NGO called Mercy that seeks to help local females to empower themselves, Kandahar, Afghanistan).
What is your favourite thing to crochet?
I really enjoy making bigger items such as blankets and over sized roly poly pillow seats. I take pleasure in minimalist spaces where texture, surface and form is celebrated and steer clear from trinkets and trifles. I also enjoy making scarves, it makes for wonderful gifts and is furthermore an excellent way of learning new stitches and trying out new yarns.
What's been your best crochet achievement?
My crochet achievement is a work in progress. I do humanitarian work among human trafficking victims in Asia. One effort to combat trafficking and help its victims, centers on new hope through craft and skills.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find the majority of my inspiration through living abroad and travelling the world extensively. We have traveled to about 35 countries across Asia, Africa and Europe to date. Experiencing new cultures increase my creativity tremendously. Life's not meant to be lived in one place and I am once again happy to be living in Asia after a 20 month stay in South Africa.
What are you working on at the moment?
I have just started working on a new blanket that I am dedicating to the Mother Continent. I was inspired by the mud and dust, the soil and sand of Africa. When I think of my childhood, vivid images of digging my hands through the cool earth, sinking my feet into the soft soil, boring my big toe through the cracks of dried mud prevails. A picture of a rhino charging through dusty plains, cemented the idea. I chose 25 different colours from 9 different yarns and the pattern is a 3 round hexagon. 
Where do you feel most comfortable crocheting?
Anywhere where it is socially or culturally acceptable to do so, whether on my own or within a group context. 

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?
I do not do any other crafts but foresee that I will be a knitter at some point in the not too distant future! I am interested in learning more about natural fibers for spinning and dyeing and am planning to make the most of my current location close to Nepal in order to learn from Tibetan women who are master spinners and producers of interesting yarns such as hemp, nettle, banana, cotton, sisal and more. Crocheting is but a small part of what is a happy, full and fulfilling life for me. I love participating in discussion groups where I am particularly drawn to topics related to the Human Condition against an international and cultural framework. I furthermore enjoy doing street and travel photography although I am nothing but an amateur for the time being. Other fields of interest are cyber anthropology, cultural anthropology, visual culture, media and technology, watching world cinema and independent films. I am also a crime fiction lover.
Thank you so much for sharing Magda! Your hexagons are lovely!

I hope you all enjoyed this little tour of Magda's yarn adventures and learning more about her love for crochet. I really enjoy sharing these interviews! 
What are you working on these days? Where do you find inspiration?


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