The Yarn Over List - Scarfs, Swans and Pineapples

Scarf / / I love everything in this picture!
Slippers / / I love these slippers by Peoplewebs!
Bag / / I love the colors and the stitch of this bag so much!
DIY / / These swan straws are so cute!
Bake / / I love macarons! These are on my to-do list!
Illustration / / Pineapples by Amyisla Mc Combie.

Happy Monday to all! I am in love with all these finds on this week's list! I especially like the mint shopping bag it's really too cute! 

I am pretty excited as this week I hopefully will manage to work on my top! The sun is shining over here and summer is so close, so I think I'd better start working on that! I also made the third and fourth granny square of Simply Crochet Magazine's app! I have chosen to work them all up in bright shades of pink, yellow, pale pink and blue yarn! I can't wait to see where this app will take me!:)

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?