The Yarn Over List - Doilies, Bows & Flowers

Doilies / / Lovely colors, shapes and styles!
Hanger / / I love the color Jeanette used!
Bow / / I love the vibrant blue color of this bowtie by Nathalie!
Embroidery / / Simply perfect by Yumiko!
DIY / / I absolutely adore this idea!
Art / / I love all of her work!

Happy Monday to all! I recently stumbled across Yumiko's work and absolutely adored it! She creates such amazing embroidery pieces! 

During the weekend I got to work on my crochet wip top! I think that in a couple of weeks I will have finished it! So excited about this project! It's the first time I crochet a clothing item and I am really nervous to see it  finished!

Other than that I decided to work on my embroidery skills a bit (I am pretty new to it) and bought my first canvas piece! I practiced the lazy daisy embroidery stitch and I liked it a lot! I think I am going to try some cross stitching as well! Please do feel free to suggest any beginner projects regarding cross stitch!:)

What are you up to? Working on anything exciting?
Wishing you a great start to the week!


  1. Hello,

    I've taught myself crochet a few months ago and find your blog and projects in it, so much inspiration.

    However I've been doing cross-stitch for a long time. My suggestion is for you to start with a small free project. There are many out there on the internet. You could opt to use aida fabric which have large distinct holes. There are many counts but the 14 count is the most popular for a beginner. When you are more confident, then you can try stitching on evenweave / linen. My floss of choice is DMC as it has a very wide range of colours and available everywhere. As for the needle, a size 24 tapestry needle is best for the beginner on aida fabric.

    HTH. Please ask me any questions you might have and I'll try to help you.

  2. Gorgeous collection, and very artful :-) Thanks for sharing the inspiration, Tanya

  3. I recently just taught myself to crochet, this post has been so inspiring! <3

  4. I love the floral mug - well I love anyting floral really - Can't wait to see your finished crochet - I have only been crocheting for a year and I am totally hooked.