The Yarn Over List - Knitting, Bags & Bikes

Knitting / / I love this knitting tutorial! Great for novices like me!
Lacy Crochet Cozy / / Ok, I'm in love! This lacy cover is so adorable and unique!
Blanket / / I love the colors used in this blanket by Vicki!
Wish List / / This bag is my ultimate favorite!
Drink / / I would love to try making this Raspberry Fizz via The Vanilla Bean Blog!
Illustration / / I couldn't agree more on that!

Happy Monday to all! I have completely fallen in love with this vintage embroidered bag! I love the colors and the style! Also I must admit I am intrigued to learn how to knit-again! Let's hope this time it will work!:)

Lately I have been working on my Mood Blanket (I guess that was pretty obvious, since I have overloaded the site with pictures haha)! I really like the way it is progressing! I find the join as you go method pretty convenient and helpful! 

I have also started working on some Easter projects! On Saturday my new yarn arrived and I can't wait to use it! I chose pretty pastels colors in this spring batch I ordered and have already started about the possibilities and projects! Yay!:)

Are you working on any exciting new / ongoing projects?
Wishing you a happy new week ahead!


  1. I love everything in this post. It makes me wantful...I am dying to get some pastel shades of yarn but I absolutely cannot justify anymore yarn purchases lol.

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