Yarn Cakes, Chocolates & Tea

Lovely yarn cakes I made with my new wool winder! So fun!:)
I really love stationery items! And my new notebook sweater!
Crochet and coffee! My favorite activities! :)
Minion making!
 Caught Kimba in action while playing with one of her favorite toys!
Spring inspiration!
It's tea time!
Made a pair of baby booties! An then a pair of matching adult booties!:)
Crochet and chocolate! My kinda afternoon!
Bought some lovely roses from the market!
Pedro as Batman making of!
A lovely surprize mail  from a dear friend!
The contents of the surprize mail! So happy and excited!:)
Afternoon inspiration time!

These are some sneak peeks of my life lately! The first photo was shot after playing around with my new wool winder! Finally a chance to organize all those yarn scraps I had lying around and why not organize my craft equipment as well! :)

This week I also got a lovely surprize email from a dear blog friend that contained some japanese crochet and amigurumi books filled with exciting patterns! I have started dreaming of some new spring projects! I really enjoy browsing through a nice book for inspiration. I also am keen on using Pinterest, for even more inspiration goodness!

Where do you find inspiration? Are you currently working on any exciting projects? 
Enjoy the rest of your Friday!


  1. Really great inspiration dear, thanks for share..

    Happy Weekend..
    Kisses from Indonesia

    1. Thanks Intantya! So happy to inspire you!

  2. wow all bright colours and lovely inspiration,thanks for sharing it with us dear :) all this time i was only focusing on knitting but i think i should re-start some crochet projects ,,, jealous a little bit hehe :)

  3. The spring yarn colours are beautiful. Crochet and chocolate, my kind of afternoon too.

  4. such a surprise to see my gifts to you in this lovely and colourful post Tanya!!!!
    So glad I made you happy!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

    1. But of course my dear Alessandra! These were a lovely surprize to me!

  5. Squishy, yarny, yummy goodness! Thanks for sharing.