The Yarn Over List - Pink & Lemon

Cardigan / / I love this cardigan and the model's whole outfit! Super romantic!
IPad Cover / / I simply adore the color choices, the texture, the stitch, everything of this case!
Granny Squares / / So beautiful via Silly Old Suitcase!
DIY / / I am totally in love with these lace bowls made by The Sweet Escape!
DIY / / This simple hanging vase is so easy to make!
Bake / / I love these glazed mini donuts!
Illustration / / Flowers in a teacup via Julianna Swaney.

Happy Monday to all!  I am utterly smitten with Jeanette's Ipad case! Lovely colors combined beautifully together and a touch of  texture from the crocheted bobble stitches! Simply unique and adorable! 

Spring has definitely made it's appearance over here! Most days are sunny and it's quite pleasant to be outside! My crochet has taken a turn into using more bright shades of yarn and I have already started dreaming about spring and summer projects! :)

I am also working on a amigurumi project which employs the use of a very interesting and unique yarn! I will be sharing more on that really soon!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! What were you up to?
Enjoy the rest of the day!

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  1. Oh that feminine sweater....and the gorgeous donuts! Thanks for sharing.