The Yarn Over List - In Yellow

Cozy Sleeve / / I love the simplicity yet elegance of this laptop sleeve cozy!
Cowl / / This cowl looks so easy to make!
Clutch / / Simply adorable plus it's for a good cause!
Sweater Cozy / / I love these sweater candle cozies!
Edgings / / Simple tea towels can look marvellous with a nice edging!
DIY / / This is the cutest DIY idea ever!
Illustration / / Create via Eva Black.

Happy Monday to all! I really love the bright yellow color during winter months! It brightens up the grey and dull days! 

This weekend was mostly relaxing after almost 2 weeks of continuous crocheting! I had to finish some projects for some really nice surprises I will be sharing over the next weeks on the blog! 

I also worked on my crochet mood blanket which is now starting to look a lot like a blanket, since the first month of the challenge is over! 11 more to go! Haha!:)

What are you up to? Did you work on any projects?
Wishing you a happy new week!


  1. Every time I see your yarn over list shows me that there are still so much thinks to crochet and I like it very much.
    At the moment I don't have much time for crocheting but I hope it will change in March. In the meantime I'm waiting for your new projects ;-)

    1. This is also my case! So much inspiration but so little time! Haha! I wish the day would have more hours!:)

  2. lovee!
    So much WIPs for the moment..!

  3. the walnut/pineapple is simply gorgeous!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. Great pics! Love that walnut!