The Yarn Over List - Grey Mountains

Snowy Mountains Cardigan / / I love the chunkiness and colors of this cardigan!
Bracelets / / I love this idea! Made of fabric yarn via Lebenslustiger!
Baskets / / I love storage solutions! Especially crochet ones!
Doily Rug / / I love such huge crocheted rugs!
DIY / / Adorable and cute little pom-pom mountains!
Illustration / / Tea Kettle via Charmaine Olivia.

Happy Monday to all! This Yarn Over List is devoted to winter, snow and grey shades! I really love those crochet baskets and the rug!

After a long period of almost springish weather here, the temperature dropped and it even snowed in the centre of Thessaloniki! This happens almost once in like ten years!:) So yesterday was all about staying inside, under a blanket, drinking lots of tea and crocheting!:)

I am currently trying to finish my minion pattern and hopefully within the week it will be ready to show off!:) I have also been working on a secret project that involves beautiful shades of pastel colored yarn but I will share more on that later on!

My blanket is also nicely coming along! I can't wait to show more of my progress! 

How did you spent the weekend? Did you finish / start any projects?
Wishing you a happy new week!


  1. I love all the shades of grey (not the books!) even when it's not winter!!!!
    Stay warm, xxxxxx Ale

  2. It's again a very nice list! Here in the south of Germany there is no snow but I hope it will come soon. I finished an amigurumi penguin and I'm now working on a blanket.

  3. very nice post..i like the cardigan sooooo much :)
    just found your blog

  4. i love your selection today, the pom-poms are very cute! ,-)