Crochet Mood Blanket 2014

It's finally time to make a crochet blanket! This is the first time I'm trying such a big (really big) project and I'm actually pretty excited! I have been thinking about making a blanket since last year and this year I finally took the decision to start! Yay! :)

Actually I'm participating in a crochet-a-long through Instagram this year to make a crochet mood blanket, you can find a lot of info about it through @mummy_stacey's profile. You can also join the facebook group and post your progress using the #crochetmoodblanket2014 tag. You can participate any way that you like, I'm going to be making a square for every single day this year! Each day I'll be making a square that shows what mood I'm feeling.

For my square, I'm using a simple pattern based on the Copenhagen Pillow Crochet Pattern by Yvestown! I'm joining the squares as I go and I'm using a 4.00mm hook and soft acrylic yarn! I'm also planning on making some kind of a border around it! I still have not decided on that but I think I will find something I like!

Have you ever crocheted a blanket? Are you participating in this awesome challenge?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! I was just on Pinterest, saw your post and decided to come over and check it out! I am also taking part in this. this is just a few pictures from my mood blanket.

  2. It seems like so many people are doing this this year! It's awesome seeing everyone's progress. I knew if I tried this this year by the second month I would be totally behind.... so many other things to make and not enough time! Maybe when time slows down I'll do a mood month pillow or something. ;) ~Stephanie

  3. I join too :), I think it's a great and easy way to make a big project!

    XOXO Cindy

  4. Wow this is awesome! I see mood blankets all over the blogworld but I'm still not sure if I should join or not... san x

  5. I can't wait to see how everyone's blankets turn out!

  6. I love your pattern and have to say it is thus far one of the nicest mood blankets in the making I have seen in blogland!

  7. Lovely! I've crocheted many a blanket for a baby shower, wedding shower, for the man cave, etc. Great color combo on your granny.