Calendar Crochet Edging

During the Christmas holidays I had spotted some lovely Christmas cards that had a crocheted border in order to be more personalised! I immediately fell in love with that idea but unfortunately there was no time to make some cards! So I thought to use this idea for a different project!:)

When I spotted this adorable 2014 calendar from Love vs. Design I simply adored it! I loved the baby white background and the warming contrast autumn colors! So I though I would add a crochet border to make it even more cute! :)

You will need:
- 2014 calendar
- yarn
- yarn needle or hole punch to make the holes
- crochet hook {I used a 3.00mm (2/C)}

First of all you will need to add holes to your calendar! Make sure you leave enough space between them so as not to tear the cardboard.
Next up is the fun part! Now you will crochet around the entire board.
First of all slip stitch into a hole and then crochet a few chain stitches until you reach the next hole. Single crochet in that hole and continue around. Make sure you make a  few more chain stitches when you reach a corner space.
Next up is the scallop edge. Simply *sl st, sc,hdc,dc,sc,sl st,* in the first chain space and repeat from * in every chain space around! Fasten off and enjoy your personalised calendar! If you want you can add some chain stitches in the top two middle holes so as to hang it up!
Have your ever tried crocheting an edge around cardboard? Wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. This is such a brilliant idea, it turned out beautiful! I love the bright orange yarn with that gorgeous calendar!

  2. so simple and so lovely!!!
    happy weekend Tanya, xxxxx Ale

  3. That's really a pretty nice idea and it's very easy to make! Furthermore you can use different borders to make it. Very nice!

  4. Pretty :)
    I really like how your present this fine idea. Great photos :)
    - Kristin -