Sponsor LTB in December

The past few days have been filled with crochet, working on some Etsy orders, writing blog posts and browsing through the web (mostly Pinterest) for Christmas decorations!:) It's already December; time really flies! I would love to have you as a sponsor in December! If you are interested in advertising your blog, shop, or website you can find my newly updated sponsor information here. Also, you can now purchase ads for 3 months (90 days) at a discounted price.

I look forward to working with your blog or business! Please email littlethingsblogged(at)gmail(dot)com if any questions.

The above picture is definitely one of my new favorites! I will share more on both crochet projects, within the week, so make sure you check back!

I hope your having a great week so far!
P.S. As Christmas is approaching really really fast (!) you might wanna check my Crochet Gift Ideas!

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  1. Tanya, you are getting better and better, not only at crochet, but with your amazing pictures! Please share more often, they are a pleasure to look at!