Crochet Xmas Tree and a Woolly Word

I really like this time of the year! Actually I think that Christmas is my favorite holiday! I like everything about it! The smell of wood in the fireplace, of pine, of cinnamon, of  oranges and tangerines, the smell of baked cookies, the Christmas decorations, ornaments, twinkling lights; I could go on like forever!:) I also got round to decorating the house a bit, I will post some pictures next week!

This year I made quite a few of handmade decorations! I was planning to make even more things but I guess there is not much time left, and lately my schedule is really full! I am happy with what I made so far! It all started when I made a set of 3 different ornaments for Black  Sheep Wools! I really enjoyed making those little ornaments! Next I made some secret ornaments, for now, I will share more on those next week! Lastly I made this cute little Xmas tree! 

When I spotted those trees by A La Sascha I immediately wanted to make one! The pattern is super easy and the little tree is completed in less than an hour! The cool thing is that the branches are added afterwards by crocheting in the front loops (the whole tree is crocheted in back loops only) of the actual tree body! I decided to add a red garland made only of chain stitches!
I also made a woolly merry word using red yarn! I think it looks really cute and adds a bit of something to the whole decoration of my house! I used a knitting loom to make my word, added wire to make it more sturdy. You can also make it by crocheting around the wire if you do not have a knitting loom! I really like using a knitting loom for projects like that! Plus it's super addictive! :)
I hope you liked my decorations! Have you made any handmade decorations this year? 
Have a happy weekend!


  1. I love Christmas too!!!! Your decorations are really cheerful!!!
    happy weekend my dear, xxxxxx Ale

  2. Love your Xmas projects!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Oh this is so cute! I love that it's made out of yarn, too. Wonderful idea!