Crochet Hug Mug Coffee Cozy

I love winter afternoons while drinking warm coffees and crocheting! Yesterday I spotted this lovely mug cozy! I immediately fell in love with it but unfortunately there was no crochet pattern available! So I grabbed my hook, my favorite mug and started crocheting away! I used a 4.00mm (G) crochet hook and acrylic yarn in light brown, red and white! The pattern can easily be adjusted to fit around your favorite mug!

Hug Mug Cozy Pattern
Mug Body
With 4.00mm (G) hook and light brown yarn
Determine the length of your mug (mine was 4inc) so I started by chaining 14. The whole body is crocheted through back loops only to add some texture! I crocheted back and forth for 5 rows when I had to create the opening for the mug handles. 
For the opening chain 13 and slip stitch to last stitch. Ch 1 and continue crocheting back and forth in rows as previously before breaking up for the opening! Do not crochet until the two parts of the body reach each other. Instead attach white yarn and crochet around entire body. Repeat another time so as to have two rows of white. Upon reaching the first end make some button holes by *ch3 (sk3 sts) and slip stitch in next st*, repeat from * 3 times. You will end up with 4 button holes.
Fasten off. 
Sew buttons on the opposite side where you made the button holes.

With 4.00mm (G) hook and light brown yarn
R1: Ch 2 then make 6 sc in second ch from hook (6) 
R2-8: sc in each st around  (6)
Attach white yarn
R9: sc in each st around (6)
Attach red yarn
R10: sc in each st around (6)
R11: 1 sc, sk 2 sts, 3sc (4)
R12-14: sc in each st around (4)
R15: *dec*, repeat from * 1 time (2)
Fasten off. 

Mitten Thumb
Attach red yarn to R11 where you skipped 2 sts. 
R1: sc in each st around (4)
R2: dec, (2)
Fasten off and sew open end closed.

Attach the arms to left and right of the mug body and enjoy your new coffee mug cozy!
I hope you like my new hug mug cozy as much as I do! What have you been making? 


  1. too cute! thanks for sharing your pattern!

  2. SOOO cute! Thank you so much for sharing this cute pattern.

  3. Do you ever rest Tanya? ;oD
    This is so lovely, thank you!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

    1. Actually no! Hahaah!
      Thank you my dear friend!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this. I too saw this and was disappointed because it was knitted and I don't. So cute!
    Thanks again,

    1. I know! I couldn't resist and make a crochet version of it! So happy you liked it!

  5. I like mug cozys very much and this version is very special and soooo cute! I'm sure drinking out of a mug with such a cozy makes tea tasting better and the afternoons in winter much more comfortable <3

  6. great job on converting the knitted version to crochet, a very festive and cosy make x

  7. This is super cute!

  8. hi, gonna make this as stocking stuffer! im also gonna make one that has fur for a starbucks type cup, ty

  9. Super adorable!! Am definitely going to try to make a few for Christmas still! :))

  10. Oh my goodness, you are a saint! I've been eyeing the knitted version of these wondering how I could convert it to crochet and here you did all the work for us! You are AWESOME!!! 😊👍💞