The Yarn Over List - Color Galore

Blanket / / Via Milly & Eugene.
Zigzag Pouch / /  I adore Ingrid's colorful pouch!
Alphabet / / What about making a garland from these crochet letters?
DIY / / Multi-colored pom pom via A Lovely Lark.
Illustration / / via Alyssa Nassner.

Happy Monday to all! Colors everywhere! I really like all these happy and colorful projects of this week's Yarn Over List! So inspiring! After all who doesn't want color in his life?

Today is totally rainy and grey around here, but the weather was lovely during the weekend! I was sick with the flu almost the entire last week so the weekend I enjoyed the sunny days!  I  worked on some new and old (!)  crochet projects; I can't wait to show you more within the week!

What have you been up to? Working on anything exciting?
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


  1. Thanks for all the colorful inspiration.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  2. hope you feel better Tanya!!!!!
    thank you for this colourful post!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Your colourful crochet items are beautiful. I'm very tempted to make some alphabet letters. I hope you've recovered from the flu. Looking forward to seeing your new projects.
    Ali x

  4. I loved the pom pom!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. A nice list like every week ^___^ And the colours make happy in these rainy days. Thank you!

  6. I love looking at these lists! They are so lovely and fun. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  7. what a very inspiring blog, i love your yarn over lists! Nice to meet you, Heather x