Life Lately

I crocheted some caps for some acorns I gathered on a walk to the woods! Thinking of making a garland!
I really like drinking my morning coffee and browsing through crochet books and magazines for inspiration!
I started working on some Xmas amigurumi orders! 
This photo is one of my favorites! Cookies and yarn!
Here lies my new amigurumi sleepyhead on its pattern notes!
Now that the weather is getting colder I find my Mr.Fox wrists pretty warming!
I have started reading a new book and enjoying candy cane cocoas! Yummy!
This cute photo was taken by the peeps over at Simply Crochet Magazine. Adorable isn't it?
My adorable Kimba! I love this cat!
This is what I'm currently working on! I'll keep you updated on that!:)

Happy Friday to all! This week is a pretty busy week and it's still not over!I actually kind of like this! :) I am so happy you liked my amigurumi sleepy fox! Thanks you all for your sweet comments!

This last photo is a sneak peek of the project I'm currently working on! So excited! I will share more on that soon! I also was intervieved by the lovely peeps over at Kollabora! If you haven't you should definitely check out their site! Full of eye candy projects  for everyone! You can  read my interview here!

Happy weekend  to all! What have you been up to lately?


  1. love your acorns caps and your Santa!!!!!!
    I've read your interview : congratulations!!!!
    xxxxxxx and happy weekend, Ale

  2. Such an inspiring post!
    If someone was interested in learning how to do amigurumi, where would you recommend they start out?

    1. Hi Stacia and thanks fo r your kind words!
      I recommend you start learning the techniques, like crocheting in the round and joining pieces! I think one should start with easy patterns first like this one
      This was actually my first amigurumi! Let me know if you need any further assistance!

  3. These pictures are so inspiring! I love the little sleeping fox, found him over at Pinterest. Thank you for this lovely pattern.

  4. Lovely blogpost today! I loved reading your interview in kollabora too. I didn't know you are a teacher too!AriadnefromGreece!