Crochet Scarf Makeover

Last year I crocheted a chunky scarf! I really loved it and wore a lot but this year I wanted something new! So I decided to remake the scarf a bit since it is one of my favourite crochet items!
First of all I decided to add 2 more rows to the scarf. As in the original pattern I crocheted the hdc stitch through back loops only! I removed the black edging I had crocheted and added fringes! Each fringe is made from about six strands of yarn tied together and then tied firmly on the scarf!  I originally wanted to add some pom poms but decided that it would be better to have a scarf that ended in a triangle shape in order for the pom poms to be attached nicely, otherwise my scarf would fold at the end sides!

I am pretty happy with the outcome and as you see the scarf is pretty chunky (and warm) meaning perfect for the winter!:) This is definitely my first crochet makeover and I enjoy my new scarf even more than the previous version! I plan on wearing it a lot this winter!

I hope you have a happy Thursday!


  1. lovely makeover!!! the fringes are a must!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. It's nice! Simple design but I like it very much and the colour is also very great. But let's hoping that you won't need it a lot ;-)

  3. Oh I love the idea of a crochet makeover ! I have a couple scarves I am unhappy with.... I should totally try redoing them! :) Yours looks lovely! :) ~Stephanie

  4. So lovely! I will try to make one ;-)

  5. Warm and cozy. Nice color.

    Love, Margaret