{The Yarn Over List - Autumn Orange}

Micro Crochet / / Excellent work by Lam Linh!
Crochet Washcloths / /  These washcloths made with the Tunisian crochet technique look fabulous!
Bubbly Edging  / / I adore this edging by the Heartfelt Company.
Weaving  / / I don't know how to weave but I definitely love these patterned squares!
Illustration / / Sneak peek via Eva.

Happy Monday dear friends! This Yarn Over List is inspired by autumn's main color orange! I think it's such a warm and cozy color!!

During the weekend I did not crochet much! I worked a bit on my new baby cardigan and rested most of the day! I am thinking that I must start working on my fall and winter projects; time is passing so fast and sometimes I think that 24 hours a day are not enough!:)

How was your weekend? Have you started working on any fall/ winter projects?


  1. Wonderful photo's. They gives a real nice autumn feeling.

    Have a pleasant day, Margaret