{A Crochet Vacation}

It's been a while since I last posted about my doings! August is generally a holiday month; that's why I have been away! Crocheting though never stops even when relaxing or taking a summer vacation!
The above pictures are from a project I started working on that uses some very special stitches! I hope I will be able to finish it soon!:)
I also made some of my Kokeshi Dolls for something very special that I will announce soon! While making some girls the idea of making a Kokeshi Ninja popped into my head and I started crocheting away! He is in black, wears his ninja star and loves hanging out with the girls!:)
Of course some happy and bright flowery pictures are always necessary as well as a cold cappuccino called (Freddo Cappuccino here in Greece) with some lovely mini muffins and biscuits!:) 
What have you been up to? Do you crochet on your vacation?
Happy Weekend to all!

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  1. Lovely projects you are working on! Curious to see what your idea is all about... And yes, I always knit or crochet on vacation: it's an addiction! Just knitted a little rabbit and crocheting a hat (soon on my blog). Enjoy your weekend and greetings!