{Yarn Organizing}

We all have like a gazillion of leftover yarn from our crochet or knitting projects. My yarn stash is full of scrap yarn in various sizes and colors! 

Last week, I found a fabulous and well outlined pictorial on how to wind a center-pull yarn by hand and immediately thought that this is exactly what I need. Organization for my leftover yarn and of course my craft room plus a new activity to spend the summer hot afternoons! 

The yarn is winded using a knitting needle and just your hands, so it is quite easy! I started winding away! The first ball was not that easy to make in terms of roundness, but I did not give up! As I progressed I made more round balls and got somehow addicted to this activity! Let's organize our yarn!


  1. All your balls look very neatly done! Maybe I will give it a try (but I think it would take for-ev-er)...
    Thanks for the link!

    1. Thanks Barbara!

      Once you make one ball it's easy to do the rest!:)

  2. I love this idea. When my yarn is nice and organized, I'm able to get excited about new projects. New skeins of yarn are easy to store and keep organized but it's those scraps of yarn that always give me trouble. Thanks again for this idea, I'm excited to try it out!

  3. I like this idea, but I was once shown a similar trick using my thumb. I wind the end through my fingers, and then start wrapping around my thumb. I feel a little like the nursery rhyme character who pulled out a plum when I finish. ;)

  4. Your yarn balls look perfect! Love the vibrant pictures. xoxo