{The Yarn Over List - Crochet Man}

Crochet Drill / / It's definitely the perfect gift for any man!

Crochet Tools / / Aren't these the cutest ever?
Crochet Spy Watch  / / I love this little gadget! So funny!
Crochet Headphone Cover / /  I just love these! Crochet Bloke made these for himself but of course these can also work for ladies!
Illustration / / City Gent by Monster Riot!

Hello hello!

This week's list is inspired for men and the upcoming Father's Day! So many lovely projects to make!

How was your weekend? Mine was full of relaxing, crocheting and working on some changes to be made on  my blog! Hopefully this week I will have completed them!:)

I started working on a new crochet project and my crochet granny squares are stacking up for my new pillow! I was thinking of making some colored edging but I'm not sure on that yet! Also I'm looking for a nice blanket to work on during the summer! Have you got any suggestions on that matter?

Did you  start or finish up any crochet projects?
Happy Monday to all!


  1. Ha ha! This is great! I'm gonna have to crochet my husband some tools. :)

    1. Thanks! I was thinking of doing the same thing!