{The Yarn Over List - Bits & Bobs}

Amigurumi Sushi / / Anneris creates the most lovely, cute and kawaii style food you've ever seen!
Amigurumi Tiki Totem / / Heda on over to Christina's blog Oh!Villo to make this lovely summer totem!
Crochet Upcycled Bag / / Have you got a simple white cotton bag? Dress it up and make it look brand new as Eilen Teil did!
 Tapestry Crochet / / Perfect for the summer by Knits for Life!
Blanket / / My next big project! Love the stitch and colors used in this blankie!
 Illustration / / Just a reminder by Helen!

This week's list has no particular theme! Just bits and bobs I adored last week!

How was your weekend? Mine was excellent! Summer returned finally!:) We went a walk on the nearby mountain! It was absolutely wonderful! 
Also I went plant shopping! I think that summer is the perfect season for plant shopping! So many lovely colors and such a great variety to choose from!

I also worked on my WIP project. As said I'm experimenting with a new technique which seems to be working out great! I will post a tutorial on this soon!

I hope you had a great weekend too! Did you do anything special?
Happy Monday to all!


  1. love the totem and the blankie!!!!
    thank you for the links!!!!
    waiting for the new tutorial....
    xxxx Ale

  2. THAT BLANKET! Love the colours. ~Stephanie

  3. I love the upcycled bag! Such a great way to give an old bag a fresh makeover!

  4. The Tiki Totem is great. I like your list very much. It's a good thing if you don't have any idea what to do. Thanks!
    I'm looking to the next list and your blanket

  5. Thanks for the links! Beautiful things. My favorite is the blanket as well :-). And now I have a surprise for you, just look here:
    I hope you're pleased :-). Have a nice evening!
    xxx Nata