{The Yarn Over List - Raining Colors}

Crochet Raindrops / / Ingrid's raindrops are adorable!
Crochet Rainbow Elephant / / This happy colored elephant made my day!
Yarn / / An easy pom-pom chandelier to make!
 Yarn / / Dye your own yarn!
Illustration / / Umbrella girl by Sonia!

This week's Yarn Over List came together as a result of yesterday's summer rain! I love each one of these colorful finds!

My weekend was wonderful! Yesterday we made an excursion to a village near Thessaloniki! It was simply wonderful to see flowers blooming and cherries on trees waiting to be picked! it was simply lovely!

Also some surprises are in this week's blog schedule! I will not say any more but make sure to come by later this day!
I also participated in Monica's new blog interview series! Go check it out here!:)

How did you spent your weekend? Did you go anywhere special?


  1. Hi! Indeed lovely bright colors, I liked the elephant a lot!
    Well, my weekend was not as good, we had to go to the hospital to visit an ill child... a special place too.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. The colours are briljant!
    And the pom-poms are lovely to!

    Yarn can make my day!