{The Yarn Over List - Bloomin' Daisies}

Daisies / / These crochet daisies look wonderful!
Bloomin' Daisies / / Happy colored daisies always brighten the day!
Daisy Blanket / / This granny daisy blanket by Tillie  Tulip looks perfect for spring and can easily be modified for a pillow!
 Daisy Hexagon / /  These bloomin' hexagons seem perfect for a funky flowery bag!
 Illustration / / Katie Daisy creates wonderful illustrations!

Happy Easter to all! This week was Greek Easter week, admittedly celebrated a bit late this year!

The weekend was spent relaxing and taking lots of flowery pictures! This season is perfect for bloomin' flowers! After crocheting my Lily Hexagon, I got addicted to crocheting flowers! I have also been working on some new amigurumi patterns. 

How was your weekend? Did you crochet anything special?