{The Yarn Over List - Cats, Bears and Bows}

 Crochet Pin / / This and many more cute crochet pins by Malu.
Amigurumi / / A Voir Etc's cat with it's little moustache made my day!
Crochet Mini Bows / / Gedane's bows are a few out of many cute things she makes!
Craft / / I love this cat phone sleeve by Lana Red!
Illustration / / Very springlike illustration by Florencia Denis!

Although yesterday the day began with rain, during the afternoon the sun made it's appearance.:) On Saturday I guest posted over at Stitch and Unwind with a free pattern for a crochet wreath to celebrate spring!

Also my projects are almost finished, including my secret project! Hopefully I will finish up today and show it to you durng the week!

How was your weekend? Did you do anytihng special?
Happy Monday to all!:)


  1. love your images especially the print of the little girl on the swing x

  2. Oh yes, same to me: I love especially the print :-))