Pom-poms!! Who doesn't love them? They are easy to make, using just scraps of yarn and can literally have many uses. They can be used for garlands, simple decoration purposes and even as bunny tails!:) I use pom-poms for all my bunny tails, but his time I'm going to use them as decoration on my table at the craft fair I'm participating next weekend!

So here goes!
Cut two cardboard pieces, any size you want remembering to leave an opening! The bigger you cut the cardboard the bigger your pom-poms! I chose a small size!
Start to fold yarn around your cardboard! A lot of folding is needed!;)
When you finish with the yarn, using your scissors cut the yarn in the middle space where the two cardboards meet holding tight. Take a piece of yarn and make a knot between the two cardboards.
This will be your pom-pom so far!
And now the fun part! Start trimming your pom-pom to get it all fuzzy! 
Admire your pom-pom! Make many of them in lots of colors and sizes!:)


  1. Good luck at your craft fair - I love Pom poms x

  2. have fun!!!!
    love pom poms, anytime, anywhere!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  3. Nice tutorial! And all the best for fair!

  4. Nice tutorial!! I have a plastic Pom-Pom maker but those are two semicircles that can be joined. I have used it earlier but couldn't make good ones...will try again:) I saw your link on HOHD party.

    1. I haven't tried any pom-pom makers yet, but i guess i have to try one soon!