{Color Snippets}

It's amazing how fast time goes by! The happy and bright yarn colors really make my day! I can't wait to start making some crochet projects with these lovely colors!

This week I finally finished my amigurumi Minnie Mouse and some amigurumi monkeys but I am planning on making some more in funky colors! I'm currently making some more of my amigurumi animals and as you can see the basket has started to fill up nicely!

The last photos are the amazing work of Alexia from Circulo Baby Clothing who hosted a giveaway and I won Voodoo Girl. Yay! Voodoo Girl is a poem of Tim Burton! Once again, thanks Alexia for the lovely gift!

What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be finishing up any projects?

Happy Friday to all!:)


  1. really love your little monkeys!!!
    congrats for the winning!! I love all the works of tim burton!!!
    i'm preparing a new tut and some other things!!!
    xxxx Ale

    1. Thanks Ale!

      Can't wait to see your new tut!