{Amigurumi Minnie Mouse}

 My secret amigurumi project is finally ready!:)

A friend's daughter is obsessed with Minnie Mouse! When I say obsessed I mean obsessed! When he asked if I could make a Minnie Mouse ami for her, I was thrilled! Minnie's pattern is free, but in Japanese, which means one must be able to follow Japanese crochet charts and be acquainted with Japanese crochet terms.

A nice crochet symbol tutorial can be found on Sewing Daisies. Heidi has also written some wonderful tips on international crochet symbols which are very helpful and I recommend reading her notes before making Minnie!

So, once you have done your homework you may start making Minnie. Minnie has got a lot of parts to assemble, but that shouldn't frighten you at all. She measures approx. 30cm (12 inches) long. I made her using a 3.5mm hook. Also, the bow was not included in the pattern so I made one myself.
Pattern: Minnie Mouse
Minnie's Bow:
With pink
Ch 25
R1: sc in second ch from hook, ch1 turn (24)
R2-17: sc in each st, ch1 turn (24)
Fasten off. Pinch in middle, take some yarn and start wrapping it around the middle. Make a knot and finish off. Attach to top of head.


  1. I like the way you did the eyes and the mouth. Very cute!

  2. Just as I suspected! Haha, it turned out so lovely, Tania! What a sweet project for a little girl :)

    1. I knew you had figured something out upon seeing the photos!:)

  3. OH! MY! GOSH! That is so stinkin' cute! It is quite an impressive project. :)


  4. My aunt loves mini! I may have to make her one! You did a great job! :)

  5. It's very cute. It is worth every second you were working on it.

    Did your friens's daughter like it? I hope so XD