{The Yarn Over List- Hello Spring}

Crochet Leaves Blanket / / This lovely upcycled blanket by Ilaria Chiaratti  is inspiring me to attempt it! Head on over to Mollie Makes to upcycle your own!
Crochet Jar Cosies / / These lovely cosies by Yvonne are really cute! 
Crochet Wordy Sweater / / I just love Erica's sweater makeover!
Spring Printable / / A retro spring forest to download by Meeha.

I love favorite things-links  blog posts. I always find something new to obsess over, so I decided to make my own "Yarn Over list" and share what I find relating to my favorite things: crochet, yarn and crafts.

Yesterday I worked on some amigurumi projects, wrote up some unfinished patterns and participated in Alycia's CAL with my Danish Heart.
It was fun and easy to make!

I hope you had a great weekend too!:) Happy Monday to all!


  1. I think the sweater & the blanket are my favorites

  2. I loved Erica's sweater as well! So much so that I had to do it myself!! :)

    1. So true, I;m thinking of making one too!

  3. Oh, gosh, you are the best-est ever! :) Thanks for sharing.

    I'm also loving that leaf blanket and those cozies. :)

    1. Thanks Erica!!

      I loved your sweater makeover!