{The Yarn Over List-Eastery Style}

Crochet Egg Bunnies  / / Aren't these bunnies the cutest ever? I love the vibrant colors Stephanie used for making them!

Crochet Egg Cap  / / Some eggs are luckier then others! This one has a pom pom cap! All that thanks to Mood Kids
Crochet Spring Bunny  / /  Laura's bunnies are just adorable!
Felt Bunny Candy Pouch  / /  Isn't this idea just great? Mermag's tutorial is easy to follow and will definitely 
make a lovely surprise!
Hand Drawn Eggs  / /  Sara shows how to hand draw our eggs! Great idea!
Easter Art  / / Have a Hoppy Easter too Alex!

Today is a national holiday here in Greece, which means time to relax! Yay! This weekend was very crafty. I finished my granny square pillow and completed a last minute Easter crochet project!

At the end of the month I will be participating in a local fair/bazaar event, which means I will have to crochet a lot! So happy to participate! 

P.S. Happy Easter to all. The Greek Easter is celebrated in May, so I still have plenty time to prepare for it!
Happy Monday!


  1. thank you for all these lovely shadings!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Oh, goodness... that egg cap... total cuteness!!!