{Amigurumi Bunny and Teddy Bear}

A very good friend of mine asked if I could make an amigurumi set and more specifically a bunny and a teddy bear. The bunny was made with my bunny pattern, but I decided to make some adjustments to the ears and use a larger hook to make it a bit bigger.. The teddy was made with my teddy pattern and again I used a larger hook since I used mohair yarn.

Bunny Ears
R1: Ch 2 then make 6 sc in second ch from hook (6)
R2: 2 sc in each stitch around (12)
R3: 1 sc , 2 sc in next stitch, repeat 6 times (18)
R4-14: sc around (18)
Fasten off and attach to the head.

For both patterns: (4 mm for head body and ears, 3mm for legs and arms.)
I still have to add some embelishments, I was thinking a bow for the bunny and a hat for the teddy! I wll let you know what I make!


  1. Είναι πανέμορφα!!!Φιλια!!

  2. Very sweet :-) I love the little bear.

  3. these are just adorable! thanks for sharing, I love the idea of a bunny and a panda being friends!

  4. Adorable! :) I've made a fluffy teddy myself, I was suddenly inspired by your Keiko bear, haha. You can see the result here: http://creacarmen.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/my-latest-crafts/
    I hope you like him ^__^

    1. He is absolutely adorable!!!<3 <3 <3

      Great job!

    2. Thank you! :) When I get my hands on some fluffy white yarn, I'll try to make a panda too :3

    3. I am looking forward to seeing the result!

      P.S.your ice creams are adorable! Have you got a pattern for them?

  5. I just love your creations, they are marvelous!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Read all about it:

  6. how did u make the nose off the panda? this is not included in the patternn i guess it's a separate part? super cute btw