Crochet Spiderman Hat

Hi you guys!!! Long time no see....Things have been quite hectic around here, and quite cold!! The temperature dropped a lot, reaching -1 °C. Yep, it;s that cold!
Anyways, a good friend of mine asked if I could make her a Spiderman hat for her godson, a cute little 3- year-old boy, obsessed with Spiderman!

I followed Jennifer's tutorial for the SpiderWeb Beanie, but changed the colors to red and black!
She uses orange as the Web Color and black as the Background Color, I used black as the WC and red as  the BC.

The hat is quite easy to make, although at first I presumed that the Treble Crochet stitch she uses to create the web effect would be demanding. On the contrary the pattern was easy to follow!

With white:
R1: Ch 12, turn (12)
R2: skip first stitch, 1 sc to end, turn (11)
R3:  skip first stitch, 1 sc to end, turn (10)
R4-8: repeat the above pattern until you have 6 sc (6)
Do NOT fasten off. Join black yarn and sc around twice. 
Attach to hat.
Hope you like my Spiderman Hat!
Happy holidays to all!


  1. just yesterday my big boy asked me to crochet a slouchy beanie for him (I've just finished one for my "little" sister following your pattern : I'll show you soon the pics, promise!!!), but I think I'll crochet for him this SpiderWeb Beanie!!!! He is a great fan of Spiderman, so.....THANK YOU!!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. haha, so nice hat! any child would love to have such:)

  3. Oh that's perfect for littly guys! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. So cute! Did you know one eye is upside down?

  5. Thank you so much! My son is soooooooooo happy! I've put the Dutch translation on my blog

  6. Do you know how I would make this for a 7-year-old boy? Thanks!

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  8. I can't get pass the second round. Too hard to get those two hdc in the back posts. :(

  9. I made it!! It's fab. Thank you. I'll tweet you a picture when the recipient has it!!