{How to Make Crochet Slippers}

Finally summer has made its circle and fall is around the corner! I decided to crochet some slippers for me to prepare for fall.
These slippers were made to fit size 5 UK, 37 EUR, or 7 US but are very easily adjusted to other shoe sizes.
Yarn: worsted (any colors you like)
Hook: 4mm (G)


The slippers are worked in rounds.
Using peach yarn,
R1: Ch 2, 6 HDC in second ch from hook. (6)
R2: 2 HDC in each sc around. (12)
R3: *HDC 1, 2 HDC in next sc*, rep from *5 times. (18)
R4: HDC 2, 2 HDC in next sc, rep from *5 times. (24)
R5: HDC 3, 2 HDC in next sc, rep from *5 times (30)
R6-7: HDC around (30)
R8: change color (white) and HDC around (30)
R9-R10: HDC around (30)
R11: Now, you're going to be working back and forth in ROWS. Ch 2, HDC in the same stitch and continue until you have 21 stitches, leaving 9 unworked. Ch 2, turn.
R12-R25: Repeat R11
R26: Seam up the heel by putting the right sides together and slip-stitching from the top down to the bottom of the heel.

Now, in order to make your slipper more snug join your yarn at the center back of the slipper, above the heel.Sc into that same spot.
You’re going to be working down the side of the HDC that make the foot of the slipper. Work sc stitches down the side, til you get to a corner.
At the corner, sc3tog (half of the last side HDC, and the first 2 HDC on the top.
SC into next 5 stitches,sc3tog (last 2 HDC on toe top, and half of the first HDC up the next side ans sc up the side towards the heel.

Now repeat the above instructions once more and your slipper should fit perfectly!
In order to finish, I added one more round by HDC around.

Note: Most probably there will be very few of you with such small feet. In order to adjust the slippers to your shoe size, change the number of rounds 6 and 25.
Update: Check my other crochet slipper here!
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  1. Those are so pretty, Tania! I like the simple shape and the colors you chose. They would make great gifts. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

  2. I dont get the part rep 6 times, do you have to rep 6 time all the row or the hdc, I am confused

    1. Hi Andrea!

      This was actually a typing error, so what you have to do is repeat the process of *....* 5 times around!
      I hope that helps!

  3. Nice looking slippers. Thanks for sharing your pattern. :)

  4. I too dint get the "rep 6 times" or "5 times around". If we do 5 times around, then the count will not be 18 for R3. Can you please tell....

    1. You should crochet 1hdc in first 2 hdc in next st and then repeat the exact same another 5 times. This should end up in 18 stiches in total! Hope that helps!

    2. now the next row says HDC 2, 2 HDC in next sc, rep from *5 times, that means 2 hdc in each ST, that will make the count 36, but it shows 24, please guide!!!