{Granny Squares}

Granny squares....They are so simple and fun to make! You just need some yarn, basic crochet stitches and that's it!! You can create almost anything with them, shawls, pillows, throws, bags etc.
I found Beth's super easy tutorial and started crocheting away!! Go check it out at Beth's blog Deer Little Fawn!


  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! I came over here to say hey when I saw you following and then saw this lovely link! :)
    Your granny squares are great, well done! I'm so glad you found the tutorial easy to follow, you did a fab job! They're quite addictive when you get started huh! Thanks for linking to me. Hope you have a great week!


  2. Your granny squares are lovely! Once I start making them, I just can't stop! Happy crocheting to you!

    Jennifer @ Fiber Flux