{Crochet Phone Case Cover}

I have been meaning to crochet a case cover for my phone for a while now and I finally got round to do it!

I crochet fairly tight so you should fewer stitches if you crochet very loosely or use thicker yarn, and in any case measure the exact stitches according to your phone!
The Pattern
Crochet hook: 4.5 mm or 7 (U.S)
Yarn: worsted (Pink and grey)

Crochet 22 chain stitches with color A and slip stitch into first chain to form a circle.
From now you continue in the round and single crochet in each stitch with color A. Now you change to color B and continue to sc in each stitch.
I crocheted up to round 20 and again changed to color A. I crocheted 2 rounds with color A and finished with a slip stitch. Bind off, sew in ends and sew the bottom part of the case.

My case measures 5.5 cm in length and 10.5 cm in height (22 rounds). If your phone is larger than that simply increase the starting chain stitch and the number of rows.

How to Change Colors
To change colors, crochet to the last stitch on the row. Start the last stitch by inserting the hook into the chain from the previous row and pulling a loop through.

Now, with the new color, finish the single crochet by bringing a loop through the 2 stitches on the hook.


  1. Love this simple design! Linking up tomorrow at Tangled Happy. Thanks so much for sharing this! Wishing you a very happy Wednesday. :)

  2. Hello from Portugal,
    Thank you for sharing. I love crochet as well.
    If you like to visit me, be very welcome.
    Carla Pereira

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