{Crochet Owl Baby Hat}

My best friend gave birth to her baby last month!!!It's a cute little tiny boy!
I am thinking about crocheting him a gazillion of things, so I gave it a start with this tiny owl hat!!
I was looking for a pattern, the net is full with those hats! Unfortunately I couldn't seem to find one for a newborn, so I decided to go with the second best choice available that is to crochet one for a 3-6 month baby!

Babies tend to grow really fast, so I thought it wouldn;t matter a lot!
After a lot of searching I found this lovely blog which also had a pattern for an owl hat here! The instructions were very easy to follow and guess what, I actually finished it in less than a day!!

I got odsessed with these animal baby hats....I think I want one too!:)


  1. I love it and I want the pattern :3

    1. Hi Ariel!

      The pattern I followed for the hat is this one:


      Happy you liked it!