A yarn loving world.
Hey, friends! I'm Tanya. I started this blog as a way to share my makings with my friends and family and honestly I could never imagine that I would be able to do it as part of my job; it is such a dream come true! For me knitting & crocheting has evolved more into a lifestyle than a hobby.

Crocheting came into my life out of nowhere. I can still remember myself sitting on a sofa, 5 years ago, trying to make the first chain stitches of a scarf project. The process was not easy. I sat for hours and hours (or perhaps I should say days) until my scarf was finally ready. The outcome? One scarf and a new addiction that changed my life!

Aside from that first initial crochet lesson from my mom when I was a little girl (which was a complete disaster), I'm completely self-taught. I learned how to crochet through the Internet and crochet books!

A couple of summers ago I also took up knitting. I learned the basic stitches from my mom and then used the web and various knitting books to learn more complicated stitches. I have to admit though that the Garter stitch is still my all time favorite; there is just something about this stitch!

I design and create all of my knitted and crocheted pieces myself and most of  the pieces are born out of necessity: needing a new scarf, a certain hat, or a sweater that would layer in a certain manner, but it's not just that, I truly love designing and creating.

This has been fun! Thanks for taking a tour of my site! I'm so  glad you are here.
xoxo. Tanya

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